About Us


OK Bananas exports was founded in 1997, when importing volumes of order in Chile increased.

Purchase and shipping operations are in charge of the exportin companies G.Treinta y Tres (G.33) S.A., and Neues Leben SAS. To export our OK Bananas brand we offer the best logistics, infrastructure, and experienced staff. This allows as to weekly ship more than 30 containers, which are purchased from more than 100 large and small scale banana producers in Ecuador.


We are a Chilean based family business, with over 50 years of experience and consolidated growth in Banano exporting, reason why we are leaders in the «OK Bananas» brand. We are, up to now, the first in quality and volume export to chile.

Today, the «Third Generation» is integrated, with all the enthusiasm and commitment that characterizes us as a team, and the idea to be able to bring our fruit to other world destinations


To export high-quality bananas along with national and international standards to satisfy our customers’ needs.


To be an Ecuadorian Banana Exporter known globally for our quality, commitment, and customer responsibility


*We adapt and apply new technologies so to improve our processes, in order to offer quality products and services to all our customers

**We count with a trained staff, which ensures long-term quality and validity of our services